FEIF YouthCup 2022 in Münsingen - VERSCHOBEN auf 2024

Der FEIF YouthCup hätte vom 23.-31. Juli 2022 in Münsingen stattfinden sollen. Die Organisatoren haben in Absprache mit der FEIF entschieden, den Anlass auf 2024 zu verschieben. Zu viele Planungsunsicherheiten und finanzielle Verpflichtungen verunmöglichen eine Durchführung.

Der Originaltext der FEIF lautet wie folgt:

Dear National Youth Leaders,

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that this year’s FEIF Youth Cup will not be happening. The Swiss organisers and the FEIF Youth Committee had given ourselves until the beginning of February to make a decision, because now is when the deposits for the first big bills are due – in our case a down payment for the accommodation, and also for rented stabling. As I am sure you will understand the organising group is unwilling to take a considerable financial risk, should the event have to be cancelled at a later date.  

And there is more: the uncertainties of Covid, and bearing in mind that different countries operate very different social restrictions, vaccination deadlines and ever-changing travel rules and not to mention new variants. We came to the conclusion that it would be difficult to create the all-important personal growth aspects of the Cup. Social distancing is not so difficult if we were just aiming for a competition. But the essence of the week-long event is ‘collaboration’ rather than ‘competition’, the unhindered intermingling of the young participants across borders, across languages and across cultural differences. Arriving together in national groupings, working together in international teams and  - in this case – sleeping together in large dormitories these are the real challenges. Forming bubbles, and merely “running the programme” is just not enough.

We sincerely hope that this announcement early in the year will give you enough time to come up with ideas for wonderful events on a regional and national level. And the good news in all of this that the next Cup being hosted by Switzerland is still on the table. Only it will have to wait until 2024.

Best wishes




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